Update to Stockport’s Covid Business Rates Related Grants

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Omicron Hospitality and Leisure grant:

The Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant is a one-off grant to support businesses that offer in-person services in a fixed rate-paying premises.

  • Businesses that were trading on 30 December 2021 may be eligible to apply for the grant. 
  • Businesses that offer more than one service may only be eligible if 50% or more of their overall income comes from hospitality, leisure or accommodation.

How much will businesses receive?

Businesses that have a rateable value:

  • of £15,000 or less on 30 December 2021 will receive a payment of £2,667
  • between £15,001 and £50,999 on 30 December 2021 will receive a payment of £4,000
  • of £51,000 or more on 30 December 2021 will receive a payment of £6,000

What are the Tax implications?

  • Grant income received by a business is taxable. The Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant will need to be included as income in the tax return of the business.
  • Only businesses that make an overall profit once the grant income is included will be subject to tax.
  • Payments made to businesses before 5 April 2022 will fall into the 2021/22 tax year. Unincorporated businesses will be taxed when they receive the grant income.

Business Grant Subsidy Allowance:

  • Businesses will be subject to the financial limits set out in the Business Grant Subsidy Allowance. Businesses will be entitled to receive a grant for each eligible premises.

Applications are now open. Visit Stockport Council website for full information and application – Omicron Hospitality and Leisure grant – Stockport Council

NOTE: The closing date for applications is at midnight on 18 February 2022. We will not accept any applications after this date.

COVID-19 Additional Relief Fund (CARF):

The fund will be available to support those businesses affected by the pandemic but that are ineligible for existing support linked to business rates.

The Stockport scheme is currently being developed.
Further details will be on the Council website when available – check this link regularly for updates 
– Financial support for businesses and employers – Stockport Council

Additional Restrictions Grant:

ARG is a Discretionary Grant Scheme that has been operating over a series of funding allocations from Government.  
Round 2 Top Up: 
The latest scheme with round 2 top up funding opened in November 2021. Information and application is on Stockport Council web page at this link – https://www.stockport.gov.uk/additional-restrictions-grant

Round 3 Top Up:

Round 3 top up funding allocation has now been received and must be used by 31/03/22. Most businesses are eligible to apply if still experiencing negative impact from Covid pandemic.

Applying for an ARG:

  • Businesses can apply for a grant from both top up 2 and 3 allocations but separate need to be submitted from businesses for each round of funding (Government requirement).
  • If businesses have applied for ARG before 21/12/21, then they can submit a further application now.
  • If businesses applied after 21/12/21 then no need to do anything further – if not applied at all yet then apply ASAP.
  • Applications will be processed on first come first served basis until funds are exhausted so applying does not guarantee success in getting a grant if funds have been exhausted at that time

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