Unify publish Back to Work Guide as easing out of lockdown continues

Unify, part of the Bruntwood family, has published a new guide to help employers reopen their office environments in a safe and secure way.

To help you understand what you need to be thinking about to help put everyone within your business in the best, safest and healthiest position, Unify suggest following these six steps:

  1. Prepare the building and workspace – lots of offices have been empty for several months, so it’s important that checks are made to ensure they are safe for people to return.
  2. Create a social distancing plan – making sure people in your office can remain 2m apart will be crucial for the safety of your colleagues, and any potential visitors, for a while to come
  3. Prioritise safety – it’s important for people remember that it’s everyone’s responsibility to keep themselves and others safe at all times
  4. Focus on hygiene and cleanliness – commit to high cleanliness and hygiene levels, including increased cleaning schedules, as well as readily available and accessible hand sanitisation points
  5. Prepare your team – take steps to make sure your employees feel comfortable and safe by sharing a thorough and detailed plan about what you’ve done to make the workplace safe
  6. Communicate with confidence and transparency – ensure that you are transparent and honest in your communications, listen to your team and continually review your action plan 

Download the full guide here. For additional help, you can also watch our recent Webinar: Preparing to Reopen your Office.