Government toolkit for Covid 19

Stockport’s Director for Public Health’s reminder to employees

Business owners and employers are working hard to keep their employees, staff and teams safe, helping to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Jen Connolly, Director of Public Health for Stockport, is grateful for all the hard work being carried out but is reminding businesses of the importance in not letting standards slip:

Rates of coronavirus are reducing, but slowly, and this is against the background of the presence of a new highly-transmissible virus variant.  This means that the virus can spread more easily within settings where people still meet and work together.  The vast majority of work settings have good rules and procedures in place for keeping everyone safe, but what matters is that people adhere to them at all times – now more than ever.  It only takes a small transgression for the virus to spread.  This is a matter of safety for our workforce and communities, as well as business continuity. 


1) revisit your safe working processes

2) reiterate their importance in the current situation with your teams

3) make sure you know how to respond if any staff or clients in your setting test positive.  

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