Stockport council grant scheme

Stockport Council has announced the launch of a new Business Grant Support scheme

The Business Grant Support scheme is to support large and strategic employers in the town through the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

Grants of up to £150,000 per business are now available from the council scheme following discussions with the Economic Resilience Forum.

Applications have opened 26th January for the one-off payment, and must be submitted before 28th February. Support payments are expected to be distributed in March 2021 to successful applicants.

The support scheme for large employers aims to provide additional financial support to help businesses survive and protect jobs in the borough by helping cover operational costs and overheads. Grants cannot be used to support wage costs for workers, or contributions to furlough payments.


Businesses will be eligible to apply for the grant scheme if they employ more than 50 people, and can demonstrate their strategic importance to the local economy in Stockport.

Applications will be considered on an exceptional basis for smaller employers providing they can demonstrate their exception impact on the local economy and vibrancy of the town, district and local centres.

How to apply

Applications can be submitted via the Stockport Council website.

Businesses will need to demonstrate their strategic importance to the local economy as part of the application process. Additionally, businesses must also provide evidence they have experienced a significant and substantial negative impact on trading as a result of the pandemic: reductions must be based on previous levels of trading, not in comparison with forecasted figures.

Incomplete applications, and those that do not provide necessary information will not be successful.

For further information on the scheme, or to ask specific questions regarding an application, visit the Stockport Council website or email the grants team directly.