Recovery survey

We are continually assessing the impact of Covid 19 on our business community in Stockport. Please take a minute to take this short anonymous survey and we will publish results to help identify where help, support and information is needed.

The survey will run for 2 weeks from 30th September 2020.

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Past survey results (17th Sept – 28th Sept)

Has your business taken advantage of the Government Job Retention scheme / Furlough ?
Yes – 76.92%
No – 23.08%

Are you aware of the Governments Job Retention Job Bonus Scheme ?
Yes – 61.54%
No – 38.46%

What % of your staff are working from home ?

Do you know what action to take if a member of staff shows symptoms of Coronavirus?
Yes – 92.31%
No – 7.69%