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Covid 19 Track and Trace app has launched

Q & A for the hospitality sector

Use of the app is voluntary and employers cannot force their employees use it.

Employers may encourage employees to download the app and register to use it, by sharing the NHS COVID-19 app information website.

The NHS COVID-19 app is entirely voluntary and you can choose whether or not to download it. You can also uninstall and delete the app whenever you like.

The app is not pushed automatically to smartphones. However, if you share an Apple or Google ID, it’s possible that the app is installed on your smartphone because a family member has installed it on another smartphone.

Do I need permission from Stockport Council to put furniture such as tables and chairs on the pavement directly outside my premises ? 

All businesses who want to put furniture outside on the public highway/pavements are encouraged to apply for an Outdoor Café Licence Whilst there is normally a charge for processing licence applications to support local hospitality businesses the Council is not charging to process applications for those who apply before the end of September 2020. The legislation is temporary until 30 September 2021. Businesses who want to keep their outside seating after this date, will be subject to the pre-coronavirus application process and charging.

I have had an application for an off-sales permission refused, under the legislation can I now have permission for off-sales ?
Licensees who have had an application for an off-sales permission refused or had their off-sales permission excluded by variation or at review within the last three years, will be excluded from this provision.

Covid 19 Quotes

Who is going to monitor compliance to ensure businesses adhere to guidelines?
We are in unprecedented times and the focus will be on educating and advising not on formal draconian measures in the first instance.

I understand that I can apply for a new ‘Pavement Licence’ to make use of outdoor space, is that correct?
Yes, under the new Coronavirus Act, you can apply for a temporary pavement licence. The  process introduces a streamlined consent route to allow businesses to obtain a licence to place temporary furniture, such as tables and chairs, outside of cafes, bars and restaurants quickly, and for no more than £100

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