One Stockport

One Stockport is a campaign whereby working in collaboration we can build a better future for everyone through supporting the local economy, connecting communities and promoting health & wellbeing.

One Stockport

One Stockport will work together to deliver an even greater sense of pride. Throughout the various phases of the campaign we will work to support all aspects of our community.

Following the current coronavirus crisis, the first phase of the campaign will support the recovery process, to help people reopen their businesses safely. To help people build back better and to instil confidence as we ease out of the current enforced lockdown.

One Stockport, our Stockport.

One Stockport, one voice, one vision.
One Stockport is about working to build a better future for everyone, together.
A place we are proud to call ours, where we all have a say in the future.
Where we can help our neighbours and colleagues, where we look after each other and build stronger communities.
Everyone – families, neighbours, communities, local organisations and businesses, local government and volunteers – moving forward together as One Stockport.

One Stockport has a mission
To collaborate, listen and work together across all the communities, businesses and organisations which constitute Stockport.
To shop local and support our diverse business community.
To take care of our environment and support our ambition for clean air
To drive and support the current revitalisation of our town centre and the important districts across the borough even further.
To harness and encourage local talent, energy and experience.
To use the power of digital and new technology to create a thriving, sustainable Stockport where no one is left behind.

One Stockport, three strong values
Community – we believe in equality and the power of people working together
Collaboration – we want to ensure our neighbourhoods, voluntary groups, business, faith groups, public services and local government are interlinked
Unity – we plan and make our decisions together for actions we can all believe in

One Stockport press release