New Micro-business grant support scheme now open for Stockport businesses

Applications are now open to access Stockport Council’s new Micro-business grant support scheme.

The new Micro-business grant support scheme will see businesses outside of the hospitality, leisure and retail sectors become eligible for both the Stockport Additional Restrictions Grant scheme and the Local Restrictions Support Grant for Open Businesses, affecting organisations that were impacted during the lockdown from 5th November to 2nd December, and subsequent periods of lockdown.

Support will be backdated to the first date of eligibility. The discretionary schemes allow councils to support businesses that have missed out on other support as they do not have a business rates liability. Stockport Council is adding a number of sectors to those already eligible for the schemes. Details here  To be eligible for the Stockport Additional Restrictions Grant scheme bus also meet specific criteria – details here  Businesses will need to be able to demonstrate that they have fixed property costs and demonstrate a loss in income as a result of the pandemic. 

Applications for the above scheme are now open and may be accessed here
Micro-business support grant – Stockport Council

Some businesses have not been eligible to receive a grant, and this continues to be the case – find out more here   


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