Latest Coronavirus News

  • IFS research has found that the mix of job vacancies currently available has not changed any more between 2019 and 2021 than over the previous period. Continue reading Research finds Covid-19 has not fundamentally changed the UK labour market at Marketing Stockport.
  • New guidance for employers to follow when managing risk and Covid-19 infections in the workplace will be published on 1st April. Continue reading Government sets out ‘Living with COVID’ next steps from 1st April at Marketing Stockport.
  • Terminal Three will reopen from 27th March after almost two years of closure due to the coronavirus pandemic. The second runway will also return to use from 5th April. Continue reading Manchester Airport announces phased reopening of Terminal Three at Marketing Stockport.
  • Retailers add lateral flow testing kits to shelves ahead of the end of free testing on 1st April. North West business confidence remained at 44% in February, reveals Lloyds. Continue reading Monday February 28th – Coronavirus News Updates at Marketing Stockport.
  • A £1.9 billion scheme launched during the pandemic to help young people into work is helping far fewer than hoped, a committee of MPs warns. Continue reading Friday February 25th – Coronavirus News Updates at Marketing Stockport.
  • End of legal need to self-isolate in England, two years after first Covid rules were introduced, as PM's 'Living with Covid plan' comes into effect. Continue reading Thursday February 24th – Coronavirus News Updates at Marketing Stockport.
  • PM sets out plans for 'Living with Covid' as domestic restrictions set to end on February 24th including self-isolation requirements, while free testing will end from April. Continue reading Tuesday February 22nd – Coronavirus News Updates at Marketing Stockport.