Stockport Council

Council urges Stockport residents to take part in survey and inform future local planning decisions

Stockport Council is urging residents of the borough to take part in a survey to help inform its new Local Plan that will be used to inform planning and development decisions through to 2038.

The Local Plan is a formal document that must be prepared by local authorities and sets out how land across the borough can be used and developed, such as identifying areas suitable for new homes or for commercial development. The plan then informs how individual planning applications are assessed as well as how the vision for Stockport set out in the wider One Stockport Borough Plan can be achieved.

The Local Plan will run until 2038 and will:

  • make sure that Stockport has the right land, the right homes and the right infrastructure in the right places, for current and future generations
  • address the key issues facing the borough such as the climate emergency and some of the impacts of COVID-19
  • identify those places and sites where change and development can best be accommodated, and make sure the right development is in the right places

In addition to the Borough Plan and national planning policy guidelines, the Local Plan will also be prepared with respect to Neighbourhood Plans set out by local communities across Stockport. The Council is also looking to hear views from local residents to help inform the Local Plan and has set up an online survey to collect people’s opinions, available from the Stockport Council consultation website.