Case study
Areas of consideration to make your workplace safer, a case study for the musicMagpie warehouse in Hazel Grove, Stockport 

  1. All workstations physically moved where possible to be 2m apart
  2. Where not possible, those work stations vacated and new ones established in new areas of the warehouse to conform with the 2m social distancing
  3. Very visible floor markings extensively used around the entire warehouse, especially corridors and areas of frequent visits to visually indicate 2m spacing – these have been very well received by colleagues as a powerful visual guide
  4. All break times staggered to reduce the number of people in the social areas and canteen at any point to ensure that all colleagues can stay at least 2m away from each other when resting and eating
  5. Canteen areas extended to give greater capacity and again to facilitate improved social spacing
  6. Shift end times staggered to start 30 minutes earlier and to ensure that colleagues leave the premises in smaller ‘batches’ (rotated daily) and no queues form at exit doors and locker areas
  7. Amount of cleaning resource more than doubled to ensure that all areas are kept as clean and safe as possible, with particular emphasis on all communal areas such as kitchen, canteen and toilets. Also particular attention to door handles and entry and exit areas.
  8. Rigorous reporting procedures for any symptoms and appropriate HR support and advice offered in all instances
  9. All colleagues strongly encouraged to feedback any areas of concern or additional measures that they feel are lacking, and concerns listened to with openness and compassion
  10. If possible, colleagues very much appreciate having catering laid on for them to prevent them from having to leave the premises and be concerned about shopping (where frequently there are queues) and also as a very well received gesture of goodwill towards them
  11. The introduction of a ‘thank you’ bonus for attending work at a challenging time is extremely well received by colleagues