Business Growth Hub to manage new small business recovery grant

Expressions of interest are being encouraged from businesses looking for grants of between £1000 and £3000. There is a strong focus on the Visitor Economy sector with at least 25% of the funds going towards this sector.  The funding is available through ERDF funds where the fund is for 100% of the costs – there is no client match required. The application process will focus on COVID-19 impacts and how the funding will enable applicants to be more productive.  Applicants will need to demonstrate:-

• The client need in relation to COVID-19 impact and how the funding will enable
  them to be more productive

•  that the client has received two like for like quotes for the support/equipment

•  that they are able to pay for this themselves and then claim the money back from
   the project 

•  that they can demonstrate that the money has been spent through bank statement
   evidence before grant funding is released

Please be aware that completion of the expression of interest form does not guarantee that a business will be awarded a grant given that there are only likely to be around 400 grants awarded for the whole of Greater Manchester.